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Terms and Conditions applicable to all programs

Read the terms and conditions as listed below before signing the application form. This is a legal contract between both parties, yourself, the participant, and Closeteachers.

Closeteachers is a trademark property of Schools & Courses S.L. Schools and Courses S.L. is a Limited Company listed on the Commercial Register of Álava, Book 1259, Section 8, Leaf:VI-213 with CIF: B01403567. In accepting the offer, this indicates that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the contract.

Closeteachers organizes and acts as an agent for Spanish schools which offer and provide clients (students) with tuition and accommodation for Spanish language courses. Closeteachers as an agent arrange all bookings and reservations for students and may, at their discretion, intercede without charge on behalf of a student when a dispute arises with any persons or bodies in connection with the course. Closeteachers shall not be held liable for such disputes.

Booking procedures

Closeteachers works to facilitate the student's needs as requested. We aim to meet their specifications as closely as possible.

There are three basic steps involved when booking your Spanish language program.


First you must select the city in which you wish to take your Spanish course. Indicate the number of weeks you wish to study for, the type of accommodation you wish to stay in and any other services which you require for example, airport pick-up, medical insurance, excursions etc.

We aim to process your application within 48 hours of receipt. Acceptance is conditional on the availability of places in the school within your chosen city. For this reason, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible in order to guarantee your place.

Once we have received your application we will provide you with additional information regarding the program including dates, prices and further details about the package.

If you require a visa or other immigration arrangements we will inform you about the conditions and how to apply for a Visa.

The offer will include the total price in EUR, USD or in the currency of your country.

The final price will include a 10% discount for the language school fees and free insurance.

Budget - Confirmation + Invoice

If you accept the offer you must complete the registration form that we will send you with your personal details and the relevant details relating to your course. At the same time you must send your deposit to reserve your place at the language school. The deposit is deductable from the total price but is non-refundable.

Note that the estimate is a basic offer of services to be accepted on your part.

Payment Methods - Information Package

All of our programs require a deposit of between 20 - 25% of the total price in order to reserve your place.

We accept different forms of payment for the deposit.

Please note you should only pay the course deposit to Closeteachers.

  • Online through a high security payment system
  • Bank Transfers
    Account holder: Schools & Courses S.L.
    Bank: Sabadell Atlántico
    Account Number: IBAN ES97 0081 7511 88 0001039107
    Swift Code: BSABE SBB
  • Major credit cards
  • Paypal

Once the deposit has been received we will send you a confirmation email and release the information package including a hardcopy payment receipt.

Information regarding the accommodation such as host family, apartment or hotel directions will be sent to you via email no later than 14 days before the program starts.

If you require transport from the airport to your accommodation you must supply your flight details in order to guarantee collection and delivery of your keys, respectively.

The outstanding amount can be paid to the school on your arrival. If you prefer to pay this before you arrive you can do so by any of the above methods..

Some schools may require that you pay a deposit to confirm your place. In such situations, Closeteachers will indicate the amount to be paid and the method of payment.

General Conditions of the Spanish Course

Closeteachers act as an agent for and on behalf of language schools. The schools are responsible for the correct presentation of the service and specific conditions of the agreement. The students understand and accept the conditions of the school, particularly in unforeseen circumstances where classes are cancelled.

Accommodation in Spain

Accommodation is usually allocated from the Sunday before a course starts until the Saturday after it finishes, unless otherwise indicated. However, if you spend less than 6 nights in your accommodation in any particular week, you will not receive any discount. Extra nights can be arranged according to availability and for an additional fee.

Shared apartments provide basic self-catering accommodation for students at the language school.

Host Families are carefully chosen by our partners. Families often offer the option breakfast only, half board (breakfast and dinner included) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner included).

School Residences can be big houses accommodating around 10-15 students or larger buildings housing hundreds of students. Residences often have a reception service and many offer accommodation on bed and breakfast, half board or full board basis. They often also have catering facilities and other amenities, such as television rooms or internet cafes.

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers need to be specially requested. They can only be arranged at least 2 weeks before departure and all information (flight number, airline, date and time of arrival)must be provided to Closeteachers in writing (email, fax or letter). Closeteachers do not accept any liability for missed flights or incorrect flight information and no refunds will be given in situations where flights are delayed, cancelled or changed.


Where the number of course lessons is shown, this corresponds to the particular school's practice and one lesson may last from 45-60 minutes - the number of minutes per lesson is usually shown in the brochure, on the schools website or is specified in the agreement. The exact number of classes may be reduced due to the initial level test which usually takes place on the first Monday of the course (sometimes no classes are missed but in most situations the first 2 lessons are missed). There may also be cancellation of classes due to evaluation testing during the course (often on Fridays every 2 or 4 weeks). Hours may also be reduced due to national or regional holidays which vary depending on the destination where the course takes place.

Closeteachers does not accept any liability for lessons missed as a result of the above reasons and it should be noted that, no refunds will be given where lessons are missed due to assessment or national/regional holidays.

Changes to bookings by the student

Students may, provided places are available at the school of their choice, change details of their reservation or postpone the start date, so long as Closeteachers receives written notice from the student at least 15 days before the start of the course.


Students who wish to extend their stay must inform Closeteachers as soon as possible in order to extend their course and accommodation arrangements. It is essential that you inform us as soon as is practicable in order to Benefit from the discount for the course and extension of free insurance.


In the event that you have difficulties with your school, host family or teacher, first contact the school management. If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, get in touch with us immediately by letter or by email. Do not wait until after you have returned home. Notwithstanding the provisions of this agreement excluding legal obligation or liability on its part, nevertheless Closeteachers will in the event of a complaint by a student against an overseas body in connection with its preferred course or associated accommodation, use its best endeavours to rectify the situation to the reasonable satisfaction of the student provided that, such complaint was notified to the appropriate persons abroad as soon as was reasonably practicable.

Complaints can only be properly addressed when made before termination of the program.


Closeteachers is not liable if the negligence or failure to fulfil the contract is due to failure by the clients, unforeseen occurrences and/or occurrences which could not be avoided by a third party, Act of God or an event which the service provider could not have foreseen or avoided despite having taken necessary care. Refunds can only be made for the services provided by Closeteachers. Any other refunds will only be made by our partner schools. For unclaimed services no refund can be made.


Closeteachers provide all students with free insurance that covers them for accidents which occur during their stay in Spain, both in and outside of the school. The policy covers claims to a maximum of 18000 euros in cases of death or serious injury and for up to 3000 euros for medical assistance where accidents occur. The insurance expressly excludes accidents practising dangerous sports.


Students are responsible for obtaining their own visas where required for entry into Spain. It is also their responsibility to ensure they hold a valid passport. Closeteachers can provide the necessary documentation and assessment in order to obtain a visa for a fee of 90 euros. If your application is rejected Closeteachers will refund all of the payments with the exception of the administration fee for the visa.

Court + Jurisdiction

In relation to yourself and Closeteachers Spanish law is exclusively applicable. Court jurisdiction is in Amurrio, Spain.

This agreement is legally binding once it has been accepted and the deposit has been sent.

Spanish at the teacher's house

Closeteachers provide students living with a host family the choice of full or half board. The Spanish classes are taught by a member of the family who has experience of teaching Spanish as foreign language.

Closeteachers are in charge of the programme and the running of the Spanish classes. The students are required to pay the total price before the start date.

Combined cities

During the programme students can take Spanish classes in schools in different cities. Closeteachers will negotiate a price for the students and the details of the programme. Students should pay the total amount to Closeteachers prior to commencing the programme.


In line with the regulations in force regarding data protection, the user is informed of the existence of an automated file, which is the property of Closeteachers, with personal details that we may have been provided with during the course of your navigating our website, when intending to arrange your course request.

The user will have to complete the forms with true, exact, full and up-to-date details, with the management reserving the right to not provide their services to those users registered under false details, without harming any legal action that could proceed.

Closeteachers is obliged to comply with the obligation of safe-keeping files, and will adopt the necessary steps in order to avoid disturbance, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account at every moment the current state of technology.

In the case that the transfer of details to other bodies may be considered suitable, the user will be explicitly informed of the intention for the file, of the

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