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At Closeteachers we work with low budgets. It is the best way to guarantee you the best price.

Nevertheless we have here for you a quick guide to the prices so that you have an idea of the final price of your chosen course. The prices that we offer you here are for your reference and are subject to confirmation. They are depending on the number of weeks you take the course for.

Remember that by booking your course with Closeteachers you will receive an exclusive discount of 10% off the school’s prices, as well as accident insurance.

Spanish courses in Spain

Courses Price Term
General Spanish 110 € per week
Business Spanish 240 € per week
Spanish at the teacher’s home - € per week
Intensive Course 180 € per week
Course for teachers 180 € per week
Private lessons 25 € per hour
ENROLLMENT FEE 60 € one-off payment

Accommodation in Spain

Accommodation in Spain Price Term
Host family full- board 150 € per week
Host family half- board 110 € per week
Shared apartment 100 € per week
Hotel/hostel/student residence consult per week
ACCOMMODATION FEE 60 € one-off payment

Other services

Other services Price Term
Pick-up from the airport 40 € one-off payment
Accident insurance 0 € annual
Health insurance (European students) 260 € annual
Health insurance (Rest of the world) 680 € annual

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