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Combined cities

One of the advantages of studying with Closeteachers is that you can travel around Spain while studying. Why stay in just one city? We encourage you to study Spanish whilst visiting various cities during your stay in Spain.

Are you thinking of taking advantage of your stay in Spain by visiting different cities?
Why not take this opportunity?

Travel and Learn Spanish in Spain

Come to Spain for as much time as you want, take the placement test on the first day, and start to think in Spanish. You can travel to Bilbao, Granada or Valencia whenever you like. We will take care of all the arrangements for your trip, including transport.

Our combined Spanish course is specially designed for you to enjoy and get to know more than one city while you learn Spanish.

You can be assured of receiving the same outstanding quality of teaching, prices and conditions. One of the major advantages of this program is that you will become more familiar with Spain's different cities and cultures, thus developing a broader perspective of the Spanish way of life without changing the methodology, as well as saving paperwork as all Schools belong to the same system.

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