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Accommodation in Spain

Closeteachers Spanish courses can be combined with three different types of accommodation. You can choose the option which suits you best. You can also combine different types of accommodations if you are staying for more than four weeks.

Host Family

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. A host family will make you feel at home and will contribute to your learning process in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All of our host families are situated close to the schools.

Shared Apartment

Accommodation in an apartment is a great choice for independent people over eighteen. These are very comfortable apartments near the schools which are fully-furnished, with kitchen and bathroom. Each student has his/her own room with shared use of the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Sheets and blankets are provided.

Hotels/Hostels/Student Residences

We can make reservations in hotels, hostels or student residences for different students depending on the category and area, and we have special arrangements with a selected range of hotels and hostels. Please contact us for more details. We recommend that you make the reservation at least 20 days in advance during busy periods. In Spain there are also high-quality and comfortable student residences which are fully-equipped to ensure that your stay is pleasant and comfortable.

At Closeteachers we are here to help; if you need another type of accommodation, we will be delighted to help you make alternative arrangements.

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