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Spanish course in cities without massive tourism

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12 November 2023

Spanish course in cities without massive tourism

Authentic Spain is the one that does not appear in a holiday catologue. When you you think of a destination to enjoy in Spain and do a Spanish course, think about your own country for a moment. Where do the foreigners go when they visit? There are always 3 or 4 cities that are very popular and you would not go there for a holiday, right? Well it is the same in Spain.

Close your eyes and believe in Closeteachers so that we chose you an authentic place at the best price and the guarentee of Instituto Cervantes that certify the quality of the classes. If you are on a budget it is not good to go to an expensive place or that is popuar to to learn Spanish because there are always charges that cannot be predicted and the classes are over populated.

Get out of your comfort zone and if you want to learn Spanish as your number one priority chose a destination that is not as popular, that your friends have not heard of and that you have never spoken about. What is the problem? What is the objective? Speak Spanish and have a good time in a city that is not as well known is not impossible. We have prices for under 1300 euros if you what to enjoy 4 weeks with accomodation and leisure activites all included. What are you waiting for? Send us an email and ask us for a Spanish course at the best price.

The best Spanish schools are in real Spain , not in the places where thousands or millions of people have been and our schools are always recommended and have the best opinions.

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