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Work Placements for Erasmus students in Spain

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23 November 2023

Work Placements for Erasmus students in Spain

Doing practical work in local businesses and taking part in an agreed placement is the best way to ensure you get a placement that is both linguistically and culturally enriching while learning and developing yourself in a new environment.

It is an excellent way to put into practice everything you have learned in university. Beyond that, you get to work a maximum of between 25 and 35 hours per week in a flexible timetable. You will have at your disposal a mentor or supervisor in the company that guides, helps and advises you and that more than anything is a familiar face whom who can consult for any question or doubt. They will ensure that your transition is as easy and smooth as possible and that your experience working in a team may be perfect. Furthermore, they will evaluate and advise you at the end of your placement on the development of your skills.

It is of importance to know that in our programme you choose the type of practical work that you would like to do from various branches (marketing, translation, psychology, social work, I.T, administration, tourism, etc.) in local companies that have a long history in our country. The time that it takes to properly begin working with the company depends on each individual intern, and for this reason we ensure that flexibility regarding the date of integration into the company and overall duration is the most important aspect of the programme that we offer. Some businesses offer some compensation for work (200-300 Euros / month), although this depends on each candidate and the characteristics of their CV.

Current demand for these practical work placements is very high, therefore we recommend to all future Erasmus students that they inquire or enrol in good time beforehand, and additionally, that they prioritise the quality of their placement over the location in which it takes place. Many students prefer to go to places well-known for their massive tourism such as Barcelona, Mallorca, or Sevilla for example, rather than choosing based on their preference of the chosen company. The experience is much more intense, and greater for improving your level of Spanish, in those cities which are less known to foreign tourists. During your placement you will be able to travel throughout Spain if you wish and can visit all of the better-known urban centres that you may have seen online and in the media. You will have all your weekends free, and in general there is no shortage of festivals and holidays to help you take advantage of longer vacation periods.

It rests with you whether the programme of practical work placements for Erasmus students in Spain will be a success, and whether you will return to your country with cultural, linguistic, and personal experiences that are totally different to those with which you began your journey. Your great effort and ability to face your fears will be evident in your coming to a country like Spain to have an unforgettable experience for the rest of your life. Discover your own abilities, improve your Spanish, live in a multicultural environment, learn about your job and savour each moment working in your company. The Erasmus programme isn't just about work, but about personal growth as well, and the development of your linguistic abilities.

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