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Medical & Accident insurance

When booking your Spanish course with Closeteachers, accident insurance is included FREE OF CHARGE. This insurance covers medical costs and compensation should you have an accident during your stay in Spain.

If you also require medical insurance during your stay we offer the possibility of signing up for medical and travel insurances at the best prices and with the best conditions.

Closeteachers offers you the chance to sign up for private travel and health insurance especially designed for our students.

With the result of a collaboration between 'European Insurance' and Closeteachers, it guarantees you full coverage for luggage, travel delays, accidents or illness, returning home, private civil responsibility and cancellation fees.

This is a great choice for those students who need to prove that they have the necessary health insurance in order to be able to apply for a visa.

Insurance prices

Number of days EUROPE * WORLD
Up to 5 days 26,64 € 60,12 €
Up to 10 days 33,20 € 71,87 €
Up to 17 days 43,16 € 90,79 €
Up to 24 days 52,87 € 108,65 €
Up to 34 days 64,26 € 126,42 €
Up to 60 days 89,58 € 187,99
Up to 90 days 115,30 € 253,97 €
Up to 365 days 291,21 € 771,17 €

* Including those countries bordering the Mediterranean.

Type of insurance EUROPE * WORLD
Individual yearly 188.80 € 495,52 €
Family yearly 302,96 € 866,00 €

Important: Those students who are citizens of countries that are members of the European Union will be able to apply for an E111 form in their home country, which extends health insurance cover from their country to the whole of Spain. This document is completely free and is something that we recommend you apply for to cover the duration of your stay.

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