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volunteer work looking after animals

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23 March 2023

volunteer work looking after animals

As we usher in another new year here at our Spanish school, we want to continue doing our part to help those unfortunate animals that face abuse, abandonment, exploitation and neglect from their owners.

Spain has fortunately evolved significantly in terms of the welfare of animals and is coming close to overcoming the national stigma surrounding their mistreatment. As we know, in many places abroad the image of Spain's bull-running has lingered to this day.

The animal sanctuary with which we are collaborating is offers the perfect opportunity to make your feelings known. Get to know dogs eager to be adopted, looked after with care by the association, bouncing around and playing with the volunteers that visit them, showing the joy for every visit in their eyes… Through spending time there, you will undoubtedly find your most compassionate side, as the peace brought on by being in the sanctuary becomes one with the regained dignity of the animals itself.

When first arriving at these kennels, the poor animals often amble around in sad conditions, malnourished, skinny, mistreated, and pursued by the “mafias” of egoism and abuse. Our volunteers not only help them to feel cared for, go for walks with them, give them love, time, food and care, but also have the chance to practice their Spanish by meeting new people, local volunteers and their circles. Furthermore, they get to participate in local campaigns, take part in fundraising for sanctuary maintenance, and share the philosophy of animal welfare with those that they know. As an interesting fact, as of writing, all of our animal volunteers are vegan, although in no way is this a requisite for their solidarity and participation.

Our volunteers greatly enjoy their time helping out the community, where they can spend time not only with dogs, but with cats, rabbits, Vietnamese pigs and an unending number of pets who lived with their owners until they got tired of them, deciding to mercilessly condemn them to abandonment and neglect, or death itself, for human consumption.

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