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Surf and Spanish classes in Bilbao

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18 October 2020

Surf and Spanish classes in Bilbao

Summer is coming on the Basque coast and local surfers know that because they take off their winter neoprene to feel on them the heat of the sun that gets closer every day. Moreover, if you are a Spanish lover or like to learn languages in general, we have a wonderful plan for you because in the northern Spain is the city of Bilbao.

A wonderful place which counts many services although the city is small. Transports, shops, clean streets and the possibility of finding a good accommodation are good advantages that this place has.

The most noticeable thing is that subway’s lines connect beaches which are close to the city for a moderate price. Once you arrived in these places such as Sopela beach, you’ll find different surf schools such as Pukas and Gorka Yarritu schools which are the best of the place.

Basque Country presents a series of ideal places to be able to do as much Paddlesurf as normal surfing. In the estuary of the city of Bilbao, the Iberdrola Bilbao World Sup Challenge was recently celebrated, bringing together the best riders in the world in the capital of Biscay.

Moreover, Bilbao city presents the best places to realize other sports series such as riding a bike as well in the city as in the mountain, hiking, kayak, archery, etc.

Then, if you plan holidays where you would like to learn another language while doing any other sport, Basque Country has for sure what you need.