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6 Reasons to learn Spanish in Barcelona

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14 November 2017

6 Reasons to learn Spanish in Barcelona

1. Sagrada familia! This amazing church is one of the biggest highlights in Barcelona. This is a nice trip to do in the weekends.

2. Park Guëll! The sun is always shining in Barcelona so this is a perfect day to relax after a day of Spanish lessons.

3. FC Barcelona! One of the most famous soccer clubs in Spain. If you like soccer or just want to visit the stadium this is the perfect place to go then.

4. The Ramblas! The perfect area if you want to go shopping, want to eat an ice cream or just walk around. There are many tourists but it is really worth to visit. Perfect after a day in school.

5. Beach! The weather is always great in Barcelona so the beach is the best place to go after the lessons or in the weekend. It is a perfect way to relax.

6. Harbor! If you already have been a lot of times to the beach, than is the harbor also a perfect place to go. You can make a boat trip and enjoy the beautiful weather.

If you want to learn Spanish in Barcelona let us know and we will find the best offer for you if you want to learn Spanish and enjoy your time in Barcelona.