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Reasons to learn Spanish in Malaga

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13 November 2017

Reasons to learn Spanish in Malaga

1. The weather! The sun is always shining and the temperatures are very high. It will not get colder than 18 degrees Celsius. If you are learning Spanish you also have to enjoy the perfect weather.

2. The airport! Malaga has an airport which makes it very easy to come there. The airport is only 12 minutes away from the city centre. Perfect if your family or friends want to come over.

3. Beach and harbor! Malaga has a beautiful beach and harbor where you can relax after your Spanish lessons!

4. The Picasso museum! This famous painter is born in Malaga and there is a beautiful museum of all his paintings. Learning something about the culture and history is crucial when you are learning a new language.

5. Shopping! Calle Marqués de Larios is the most popular street in Malaga where you kind find all different kind of shops.

6. Park! Malaga has a beautiful park which is called Paseo de España. A lot of palm trees make this park complete. You can take your books to the park to study! Or just relax and enjoying the weather…

If you want to learn Spanish in Malaga let us know and we will find the best offer for you if you want to learn Spanish and enjoy your time in Malaga.