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Spanish courses in Murcia: live your dream

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13 February 2017

Spanish courses in Murcia: live your dream

Closeteachers offers a selection of Spanish schools in Spain offering Spanish courses at the best possible price. Closeteachers contacts prestigious Spanish schools, choses the best ones and then offers a selection of courses with additional discounts of the official price. If you look for courses with Closeteachers one of the advantages is that we have available a huge selection of Spanish schools and courses at unbeatable prices with 10% discounts from the original price and free accident insurance. Closeteachers offers Spanish schools in the majority of Spanish cities and today, if you would us to, we will present Murcia, a charming city in the south of Spain.

Murcia is a Spanish city, capital of the region with the same name and of autonomous community of the Region of Murcia. Thanks to its celebrated and fertile land it is known as The Orchard of Europe.

There is proof, with an uncertain origin, that the city was founded in the year 825 with the name Madina Mursiya by order of Abderramán II, probably built on a roman settlement.

Murcia is a very old city. From its historic-artistic heritage stand out the celebrated Cathedral, with a Baroque façade and mostly gothic interior, the famed Casino, with sumptuous interiors; the dense sculptural heritage of Francisco Salzillo, and a large set of Baroque buildings. In the cultural ambit it is known for its rich folklore , especially noticeable during the Festival of Spring and the processions of Semana Santa, declared as an International Tourist Attraction. The Council of Wise Men of the plain of Murcia, is an example of the customary court of the Spanish Mediterranean, it is declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. It is also an important centre of university tradition as the first university was founded there in 1272. Nowadays it is the seed of two universities, the public University of Murcia and the private Catholic University of San Antonio.

Murcia is an ideal city to take Spanish courses. Cloesteachers guarantees students the lowest possible prices. Participating in our programmes you will get additional discounts. Make the most of it and study with us!