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Learn Spanish with a tour of Spain

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03 February 2017

Learn Spanish with a tour of Spain

Spain is a welcoming country that surprises visitors not only because of the friendly and open character of the Spaniards, but that also offers the possibility of enjoying its beautiful countryside, its gastronomic tradition, its cultural and artistic legacy and also the large number of interesting cities. From the north to the south, there are many places that are undoubtedly worth the visit. From Seville or Granada in the south, with their deeply ingrained flamenco traditions, passing through Madrid, the capital where they mix the most disparate cultures, Barcelona for those passionate about modernism, Santiago de Compostela internationally renowned for being the goal for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago or Bilbao, with its impressive Guggenheim Museum.

In Closeteachers we know that the best way of learning a language is to spend some time in the country where it is spoken and because of that we believe that the ideal way of learning Spanish quickly and fluently is to come to Spain and completely immersing yourself in the country. But for those that want to explore all these cities it would be difficult to commit yourself to just one.

Therefore we think that an ideal option could be a Spanish course involving various cities. You only have to organise your travel and you can continue with your course in different cities that you decide to visit thanks to our trusted Spanish schools spread throughout Spain.

Do not doubt it, now it is possible!