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Discounted Spanish courses on offer in San Sebastián

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15 November 2016

Discounted Spanish courses on offer in San Sebastián

This year San Sebastian has been voted the European Capital of Culture 2016. It’s another motive to do a Spanish course here and enjoy all the impressive culture the city has to offer. Come to our Spanish school and do a week long course with us in this fantastic city.

You will definitely enjoy Donostia, as it is known in Basque. If you travel to the north of Spain you cannot miss the European Capital of Culture 2016. San Sebastián, the Gipuzkoan capital, has much to offer and there is so much to do if you are looking for a perfect getaway to an idealistic city.

San Sebastián, apart from being a marvellous city, has a special charm. Furthermore this year there are endless spectacles, unforgettable experiences and events taking place in the city. It promises to be a great adventure.

San Sebastián has a well known past. Due to its location it was chosen as the preferred summer residence for previous Kings of Spain. Its scenery, dominated by The Bay of Concha, together with the French architecture, helped the city enhance its fame outside of Spain and become a world renowned city. Nowadays the city is famous for hosting numerous world famous events such as The International Film Festival, The Festival of Jazz and many other events.

San Sebastián is like a miniature continent, in a small area you find everything you need, beaches, mountains, grass plains, everything. We always say that the best adventures happen when learning a foreign language. If you decide to study in San Sebastián we guarantee you will be satisfied.

Our school opens its doors to all those who want to learn or improve their level of Spanish and is always guaranteed and certified by the excellence and quality of Instituto Cervantes. First of all we would like to thank all of our students, both those who have already done a course and those that are about to do one. Your enthusiasm to learn Spanish and your interest in discovering the marvels of the Basque Country are unmatched.

Our language school has extensive experience in the education sector and through our doors have passed many students that have trusted us to deliver an enjoyable and diverse Spanish course. Our teachers have a huge amount of experience in teaching Spanish and they are all aware of the most crucial thing: the student is most important. Therefore, they adapt each class to each student.

Furthermore, if you have already been a student of ours and you decided to come back and study with us, we have prepared a special offer for you.

Do not hesitate to come and discover the marvels of the Basque Country and have a great stay in San Sebastián learning Spanish with our great courses.