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The world of scholarships

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09 August 2016

The world of scholarships

Have you ever considered studying in Spain? It’s a great way to complement your studies in your home country, regardless of your degree subject, isn’t it? But is there something stopping you? Yes, I understand. Normally, the main obstacles stopping people from going abroad include not having enough money, a bad exchange rate, or a higher cost of living compared to their home country. But in this article, we can offer you a very simple solution to these problems. Scholarships!

The world of scholarships is both beautiful and complicated at the same time. You can meet young people from all over the world with a scholarship. Finding one involves a bit of searching on the Internet, sending off an application form, and making sure you fit with the requirements of the organisation providing the scholarship. We have had a look, and we’ve found a few scholarships that might interest you. Obviously these are not the only scholarships available, but they will give you ideas if nothing else. You never know, one of them be of great appeal to you, and even be life-changing!

Who doesn’t already know about the Erasmus+ scholarship, that has allowed so many people to study or do a work placement outside of their home country? Erasmus is well-known across Europe, and Spain is one of the most popular destinations amongst students. Despite that, it isn’t the only programme that makes it possible to travel internationally. Turespaña is another national scholarship programme subsidised by the Spanish government which offers both academic study and practical experience in tourism and the promotion of Spain as a tourist destination. If you want to come to Spain and do something a little more scientific, Fundación La Caixa offers the perfect scholarship for you. Anyone who wants to carry out research in biotechnology, health, maths or technology should have a look at this option.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs operates various scholarship programmes that provide opportunities to a wide target audience. There are scholarships that allow you to study at university or get training in various different fields (graphic design, editing, and publishing at AECID- the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development), and in positions with Real Academia Española (the Royal Spanish Academy- the official royal institution in charge of overseeing the Spanish language)- there’s even one position available in Rome, if you want to venture outside of Spain!

If you want to do a short-term course, we suggest you sign up for a summer course at the University of La Coruña. They last three weeks and you can get a scholarship to participate in it.

Getting a scholarship is always a process that requires a fair amount of effort. You have to browse the Internet to find a scholarship that fits your needs, and at the same time make sure that you fit the requirements proposed by the company that is offering you the financial support, and also send off your application before the deadline, of course! Personally, I would say that it doesn't matter where spend your time as a scholar, what is more important is that you find something that fits your needs, and that you broaden your horizons in your desired field. After all, any scholarship will put you out of your comfort zone, and are known to be experiences that shape you personally, academically, and in a work sense. A scholarship is a unique opportunity to find yourself, to get to know what you like doing, and to give you a great sense of security when you throw yourself into the labour market for real.

As you will have noticed above, there are lots of types of financial support designed for different nationalities and age groups. The only thing you have to do now is sit down and decide which one is for you, and send off the application form. Good luck!