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Study Spanish through CSN

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21 March 2016

Study Spanish through CSN

Are you from Sweden?

Would you be interested in studying a Spanish course through a CSN scholarship?

Centrala Studiestöds Nämden (CSN) offers scholarships for Swedish citizens that wish to assimilate and improve foreign language skills through attending courses and schools over a long term period. You can apply for finance at any time of the year.

To qualify for the scholarship the minimum duration for a course would be 13 weeks and the maximum would be 45 weeks. Moreover, the course would need to be an intensive one, with at least 20 hours of classes a week.

What courses can we offer you?

We can provide you an array of course options, the most popular of which is our Principal Spanish Course. This consists of 20 hours of lessons, which normally take place in the mornings. We also have afternoon classes, as well as private lessons. If you have the ambition to complete a DELE exam, we also have courses geared towards this objective. We offer courses for all levels and our classes are always small and friendly.

Where in Spain can I study a course?

We are in a variety of destinations, including Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Santander, San Sebastián, Valencia and more.

Why choose us?

All of our schools are fun and international. We are well-versed in the process of quickly building linguistic skills in a foreign language. Above all, we are proud of our students and what they achieve with us. Through the development of our methodology, we continue improving our techniques, taking advantage of new methods of facilitating learning, in an interactive and participatory way.

If you would like to make an enquiry, send us an email here: infoweb@closeteachers.com

See you soon!