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Useful tips for teaching languages to kids

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09 February 2016

Useful tips for teaching languages to kids

10 useful tips to motivate kids in a language class:

1. Know the interests of the students and bear them in mind when preparing class activities.
2. Vary the structure of the class without falling into a routine.
3. Include the opinions of students when designing class rules and norms.
4. Keep feedback positive.
5. Ensure that students feel there additions and thoughts are valued, and that they feel part of the group.
6. Create goals and focus by emphasising that what the students are going to learn is something exciting and applicable. Creating an atmosphere of mystery and fascination can be extremely engaging for students.
7. Help students to learn via playing games.
8. Value the work and efforts of your students.
9. Promote cooperation and teamwork between students.
10. Focus on the strengths and skills of students rather than their weaknesses.

As you can see these tips are quite applicable to a class of adults as well. However, normally the reasons for learning languages are slightly different for children than for adults.

Nevertheless, if a teacher is motivated they can normally pass on their enthusiasm to the students. These 10 tips will help realise this dynamic.