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11 November 2015

CSN – training scholarship for Swedish citizens

Add to your professional skills by participating in a Spanish course in Spain!

We invite all those who have the opportunity to take advantage of a CSN scholarship to come to Spain to study the language and learn more about different cultures. You can choose between various locations across the whole country according to your personal preferences – we offer classes in the most diverse cities, from the coasts of the North to the Mediterranean Sea.

The level of classes is tailored carefully to the abilities of students and the number of students in the class is never more than 10. The classes are always conducted in a friendly way, providing the ability to learn Spanish in a practically without the fear of making mistakes.

What can we offer you?

On top of Spanish courses for all levels, our school offers free cultural activities in the afternoon that help you to get to know elements of Spanish and Basque culture better and provide the opportunity to socialise with students and teachers alike. Taking Spanish courses whilst living among native speakers gives you the ability to fast-track your learning, being in continuous contact with the Spanish language and having unlimited opportunities to apply what you have learnt. This degree of exposure and immersion simply cannot be gained away from Spanish speaking countries.

We also offer other courses, as well as those in schools, which include: culinary arts, hospitality management, Spanish courses via Skype through our virtual classroom, surfing courses and much more.
We are certain that those who wish to broaden their professional skills base, knowledge of languages and understanding of cultures will find everything they need here to have a magnificent experience.