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22 October 2015

Visas information, learning and gaining work experience in Spain!

Fancy living in Spain and getting to know its culture?

Are you unsure over whether you need a visa and if so what type?

Would you like to gain work experience or study in Spain?

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Visa information:

Citizens of EU states do not need a visa. US citizens do not need visas for stays shorter than 90 days. For longer stays a students visa is required. Once you have acquired the student visa there is the option of doing part-time work and to obtain an identity card with which you can travel around Europe. To get a student visa you also need to have medical insurance that is valid in Spain, as well as having sufficient funds to cover your expenses in Spain and having received confirmation of enrolment on a course. Once you have organised your documentation you can arrange a meeting with the Spanish embassy nearest to you.

Study here:

Instituto Hemingway offers Spanish courses all year round, ensuring maximum flexibility for our students. In addition, we provide the opportunity to take part in a broad range of cultural classes that include cookery, flamenco and salsa.

In addition, our Spanish courses can be done combining numerous cities all over Spain! Our coordinators ensure administrative obligations are addressed. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you any questions over on element of your course or placement.

Internships available:

There are a multitude of options and industries for you to choose from such as: tourism, education and environmental work, teaching languages, restoring monuments, working in cultural institutions such as art galleries, museums and much more. Our coordinator can propose to you the best volunteering program tailored to your preferences and to your personal goals (language skills, work experience and the amount of time you would like to volunteer) if you are not completely certain of what you would like to do. All volunteer and internship placements have a minimum duration of 1 month.

Have a closer look at what we offer here.