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09 September 2015

Free activities for Spanish courses in September 2015!

All of the following activities are free for Instituto Hemingway students! This includes entry to the museums and as well as all other activities. We encourage you to participate as a way of getting to know the city, making friends and practicing your Spanish.

For this month we have some very interesting activities planned:


(02/09/15) We are visiting the Guggenheim Museum where we will be able to view the permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions.

(03/09/15) We will visit the Basque Museum (Museo Vasco), the best place to gain an understanding of Basque culture and it's origins.

(08/09/15) We are visiting the Bilbao's Maritime Museum (Museo Marítimo de Bilbao) where we will find out about the history of maritime activity in the Bilbao estuary and it's significance for Bilbao and the Biscay area. We will also have the opportunity climb aboard some of the ships kept at the museum.

(16/09/15) To complete our museum trips we have also planned a trip to the Museum of Beautiful Art (Museo de Bellas Artes), one of the finest art galleries in Spain.

As well as tours of museums we will be having other exciting trips:

We will be travelling to Monte Archanda, climbing up in the funicular for amazing views of the city, as well as going on a boat ride along the river to gain another perspective of the city.

For wine-lovers, we have planned two wine-tasting sessions, one on the 10th and the other on the 22nd of September. The first will be with white wines and the latter will be a vertical tasting of red wines.

And of course every Friday we will have a tour of the pinchos where we will have the opportunity to try tortillas, paellas, tapas... and chat with teachers and friends.

Don't hesitate to ask about our planned activities for September. We look forward to hearing from you!