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10 reasons to learn Spanish in Bilbao

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15 February 2015

10 reasons to learn Spanish in Bilbao

Studying foreign languages turned into a global phenomenon. You have as many lives as languages you speak, it is a proverb and it's true. And why is it so important ? Well, when communicating people can be understood and since the world is so globalized and travelling it's not a problem anymore, one of anyone's advantages is being able to speak other languages.

So what are the advantages of learning Spanish in Bilbao?
1. You learn Spanish with very experienced teachers. Our teachers have a great formation and will help you with any doubts you have.
2. Ours centres are highly qualified and it is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, of course.
3. You don't need any s`pecial manual, we will give you all you need when you'll arrive.
4. All our schools offer extra programs like, for example, daily cultural activities and completely for free.
5. You will discover Bilbao, the Mecca of the contemporary culture.
6. With our activities, you will visit museums, taste wine, eat pintxos, in short, you will learn a lot.
7. You will meet people from all around the world.
8. In ours centres you will be able to study to get ready for the DELE exam without any problem.
9. We will help you with the accomodation.
10. You'll live in Spain.

All in all, come to study with us, we are cool :-) and we try to make things as easy and simple as possible.