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27 January 2015

School trip programs in Spain for high school students

Our school trip programs for secondary school or university students offer unbeatable prices and allow you to choose your preferred city. You can come on any day of the week throughout the year although our summer programs in Spain are the most popular. The price is unbeatable and everything is included (courses, accommodation, leisure and culture activities and the airport transfer). Group trips to Spain need a lot of forward planning.

We recommend that the teachers responsible for organising these trips contact us at least 3 months in advance. All our schools are accredited  by the Instituto Cervantes.

Our Spanish students always stay with families so that they are fully immersed in the country. The Spanish classes are also intensive with 20 hours a week including breaks for lunch and the opportunity to participate in the organised leisure and cultural activities.

 At the end of the program you receive an Accredited qualification. Why not choose a city which is not very touristy for your Spanish students, one which has an international airport, one which is a nice size, one which has an excellent public transport network and one which has beaches and mountains?

On a personal level we believe that this program is a unique opportunity to put into practice everything you have learnt in the classes in the native country.  You will also see how useful the course content is and how you will mature as a person and get by on your own. Teachers have all their expenses paid and it is a turnkey program

Do not wait any longer and reserve a Spanish course for your Spanish students.