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DELE Exam Dates for the Instituto Cervantes Diplomas

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19 January 2015

DELE Exam Dates for the Instituto Cervantes Diplomas

The dates have now been released for the 2015 official DELE ( Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) exams which accredit your level of Spanish.


The network of DELE exam centres has more than 900 centres in more than 100 countries. The DELE exams are internationally recognised.  They are an excellent opportunity to improve your employment situation and to get personal satisfaction by obtaining linguistic competence in a language which is not your mother tongue.   There are different DELE exams periods and various levels ( A1 to C2). 

Instituto Hemingway offers DELE preparation courses for all levels throughout the year. We help you to get good results in the DELE exams with up-to-date materials and teachers with DELE preparation experience. Up to now we have obtained a very high percentage of passes in the DELE exams. The Instituto Cervantes awards the DELE Diplomas on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science. It helps Spanish to have more presence abroad and more international prestige. The prices of the exams are different each year and are established by the Instituto Cervantes, the Ministry of Education and each examining centre. Approximately 3 months after the exam the Instituto Cervantes publishes the results on its website and the Diploma is sent to the student´s address.

If you want to study at a Spanish University or work in a Spanish speaking country the DELE Diplomas  are your best passport.