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Spanish courses in the teacher´s home

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05 November 2014

Spanish courses in the teacher´s home

Nowadays Spanish courses often present the possibility of living with a host family; but imagine an even better experience, the opportunity to live and learn with your teacher.

The courses in the teacher´s home with Closeteachers combine the advantages of  carrying out a Spanish course living with a host family who in turn are going to give you personalised Spanish classes.

This article is going to examine the reasons why we recommend this course with Closeteachers to you.

To begin, living and interacting with a native family day by day will improve your Spanish. This course is going to ensure your full immersion speaking Spanish all the time. Furthermore, your family can help you see the Spanish culture from a different point of view.

In reality, given that your family is at the same time your teacher they are going to guide you as much in the learning of the language as in the culture, the customs, etc.  You will have the possibility of carrying out an endless number of cultural activities included in the program.

Sometimes in language academies the teachers keep on changing during the courses taken on but with the option to learn Spanish in the teacher´s home, residing and learning every day with the same person you can build a strong rapport with him or her and you can feel confident to speak from very basic levels.

Sharing your daily life will cause you to improve a lot in your Spanish and will cause very deep friendship ties to be forged, you can share your customs, your gastronomy, your hobbies,etc.

This Spanish course will fit perfectly with your level through private classes, the teacher will adapt the materials and the content to your strengths and in this way you will be able to choose the best exercises and materials, your Spanish classes will be a challenge but without demotivating you.

The CloseTeachers programs are very flexible. You can start when you want , the program accepts people of  all ages and of all levels. And if you do not have it we will process all the documents to obtain the best medical insurance for you which covers your study period in Spain.

Do not hesitate our courses and our offers are the best. You will not regret it!