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28 October 2014

Combined Spanish courses in different cities

The problem with a lot of Spanish courses is that you can only spend your stay in one city in Spain. Consequently you do not have the possibility of experiencing the rich culture and visiting the monuments, museums and attractions of other cities in Spain.

With Closeteachers it is different. You can enjoy a combined Spanish course in various cities.

How does this format work? It is very simple and you have the greatest flexibility. Sign up to a Spanish course with Closeteachers, do the placement test and you can start your personalized Spanish course. You can choose the amount of time you want to spend in each city and Closeteachers will organise everything else (the courses, accommodation, transport....), the only thing you need to do is studying. You can choose your combined courses in Bilbao, Granada, Valencia, Barcelona, etc. We guarantee you that in each city you will receive the highest quality of teaching with the best educational resources and the most varied cultural activities.

In conclusion: if you want to visit a lot of cities in Spain, this combined course is the solution. Do not hesitate and contact us with all of your questions.

We guarantee you that you will not regret it!