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Spanish courses for Japanese students

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15 October 2014

Spanish courses for Japanese students

Do you live in Japan but you want to learn Spanish?

Sign up to a Spanish course with Closeteachers. The possibility of living and learning Spanish in Spain is going to improve your Spanish in leaps and bounds.  We offer Spanish courses in many cities in all of Spain from Bilbao to Seville; from Coruña to Tarrogona all over Spain!

Also we understand that on arriving in Spain from Japan it is possible that you feel very far from home. And very probably you feel homesick therefore we provide you with programs fully supported by a tutour; with a period of orientation so that you can integrate into the rich Spanish culture.

We also recognise that accommodation is one of the most important aspects for students. Therefore Closeteachers offers a wide range of options from shared flats to host families. Our selection is caracterized by flexibility.

In our schools the teachers also speak a hughe variety of foreign languages( in some cases Japanese is even the vehicular language between the teachers and pupils).

Furthermore your previous experience in Spanish should not disuade you from studying this language. We proviede Spanish courses at all levels.

Do not hesitate and consult our courses and offers.

You will not regret it!