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Spanish Courses essential for your future

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10 September 2014

Spanish Courses essential for your future

Do you want to be a teacher of English as a foreign language in Spanish speaking countries? Or do you want to do internships in Europe
and as far as Latin America? 

A Spanish course at our schools can be the key to opening up endless work opportunities in your future. In the following article we are going to examine the reasons why a course with CloseTeachers will improve your entry into the world of work. 

1. The very competitive world of work.

Nowadays there is no doubt that the world of work is very competitive. You have to stand out against other candidates and those who are increasingly better prepared. An intensive course in our best Spanish schools shows that you possess a linguistic ability and many companies are looking for employees who can integrate into their foreign offices in Spanish speaking countries. 

2. Company specific skills and social skills gained through a Spanish course at our schools.

It must also be mentioned that through our courses you will develop not only social but also skills which can be transferred to other social environments.  First of all by learning a language you will begin to express yourself in  a more  confident and lucid manner thanks to oral exercises such as presentations, debates and other exercises. As well as communicative skills group and pair exercises are designed not only to  as much improve as to consolidate your teamwork. Furthermore outside class  your development will also continue  in leaps and bounds. The opportunity to live in a country as well as the  wide range of accommodation offered by our schools is going to increase your independance. You need to make

 your own decisions managing your time.  Furthermore you have the opportunity to interact with people from all corners of the globe and in this way your interpersonal skills are going to grow.

All these skills gained by our students, will push them to the top of the list of candidates in job selections. 

3.  The cultural awareness obtained through a Spanish course in our institutes

Our institutes help to promote cultural awareness in two different ways. Primarily,  we mantain that the opportunity to visit Spain represents one of the best ways of expanding your knowledge of the country.  You  are going to get closer to daily Spanish life.The host families offer a unique experience. The free cultural excursions also allow the students to acquire an appreciation of not only the musical and gastronomic cultural but also of the sports culture, leisure, etc. 

 The Spanish courses will develop the intercultural competence of the students.  They are going to become more "spanish" through the interaction with native learning traditions, customs that form part of the rich cultural diversity of the this country. For example are going to assimilate the correct form of greetings somebody depending on if the situation is formal or informal (  Two kisses or a handshake?)

In the first part of the article we have examined the reasons why a course with our schools is beneficial for the students employability. In the second section of this report we are going to see the endless work opportunities available for a student who has studied with us. 

It has to be admitted that after having obtained a Spanish certificate with our schools the world is your oyster. The working opportunities are very varied as much in Spain as in Latin America.

A highly recommendable company is European Internships with its internship programs. This company offers a huge range of internship programs in all fields. Agriculture, teaching English as a foreign language, architecture, business, marketing... they are just a handful of the innumerable careers offered by European Internships. The internships programs offer an excellent experience at a good price. Flexibility , professionalism and choice represent corner stones of this company and do not hestitate to consult the website of European Internships to understand the reasons why a lot of people choose these programs every year. 

You can also work as far as Latin America taking advantage of the numerous options for doing voluntary or paid work. 

I have taught English as a foreign language in Peru and I can testify to the importance of knowing Spanish. In classes where the students often do not speak any English Spanish is essential so that the students can take full advantages of the activities. Spanish also allows the teachers to interact and create a unique penetration with the students enriching the school environment. 

In conclusion in this article we have seen how a course at one of our CloseTeachers’ schools represents a secure way to access a Spanish world of work. A Spanish course that will allow your personal, cultural and mental development. Do not delay! Sign up for one of our Spanish courses before it is two late.