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Spanish classes for school groups in Spain

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27 May 2015

Spanish classes for school groups in Spain

The best way to learn Spanish is by going to Spain and completely immersing yourself in the language, culture and in the lifestyle of the country. And the most ideal way is by coming to Spain to learn Spanish with your entire class.

At Closeteachers, we organise Spanish classes for school groups. You can come to Spain together with your class and enjoy the experience with all of your classmates.

It is the ideal way of living an authentic Spanish experience. You will take Spanish classes, travel around Spain, get to know firsthand genuine traditions and the Spanish lifestyle ... all together!

The intensive Spanish course will help you to improve your Spanish with highly qualified teachers of the language, with many hours of experience behind, who will guide you every day to

The intensive Spanish course boasts highly qualified teachers with many hours of experience behind them, who will guide you every day, solve any problems you may have with grammar or vocabulary and help you improve your Spanish. During the afternoons and weekends, you will be free to travel to nearby towns, and take part in all types of excursions and leisure activities.

Our network of schools spans the whole of Spain, allowing you to choose your favourite destination. We will take care of all the rest. We guarantee you the best value for money in every city.

This programme for school groups has been running for many years in Spain, and every year seems to be better than the last. The students will make some of the best memories of their school experience here.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to improve your Spanish; inform your teachers and classmates now!