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Spanish courses in Northern Spain

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10 August 2015

Spanish courses in Northern Spain

Our Spanish courses in northern Spain have what other destinations do not offer: exclusive, pleasant climate destinations not massive, good prices, food, authenticity, and excellent Spanish so you can learn and practice.

Are you thinking about visiting Spain? Indecisive about which destination to go to? Why not decide to travel to the north?

At Closeteachers we know very well that the Cantabrian coast is an superb destination for your next trip to Spain. With mild winter temperatures and numerous leisure activities, winter is a good time to visit.

One of the main attractions in the north of Spain is the fabulous physical environment that allows you to enjoy the mountains and the beach without a long journey.

It is a great advantage that there is a huge range of things to do right at your fingertips: ski resorts for those who love the snow, the sea and the beach for those who love surfing plus the many paths for hiking , cycle rides or horse riding. In any case, it has beautiful landscapes of lush greenery.

And all this without mentioning its rich gastronomy that is, today, known internationally: from the Galician seafood, the stews of the Cantabrian area, the Basque steaks and the traditional cider from Asturias, which are all among the range of food that is marveled at by those who visit the north of Spain.

You can discover iconic cities such as Santiago de Compostela (known for the Camino de Santiago), Oviedo (with its medieval origens) or Bilbao, the city where you can find the Guggenheim Museum. And at this time of year you will definitely enjoy it as it is less packed full of tourists.

We have also been thinking about those that in addition to getting to know every corner of Spain and Spanish culture, those who want to make the most of their trip to study or improve their Spanish: We work with various schools throughout the north of Spain that offer courses at good prices and that can be included within your stay.

The sea and the mountains are waiting for you. Learn Spanish whilst exploring them!