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30 July 2015

Spanish courses with wine tasting and cooking courses

Spanish courses are a good excuse to learn more things about Spain. The Spanish cooking, wine tasting courses, surf, flamenco and salsa are good choices for you to have a unique and fun experience. We have prices from only 110 Euros per week depending on the chosen city. We are in Spain and only offer the best courses in quality and price. If you are unsure of the chosen course give us a chance and you reply with a quote.

Learning a language is much more than studying grammar, so the best way, is moving to the country where it is spoken and living with the locals to understand their culture. Travel the country and approach their art, music or gastronomy are ideal ways to practice the language, thanks to which also understand your true cultural essence.

One of the Spanish distinctive products It is the
wine. And certainly Rioja is one of the most popular, both for its tradition as for its quality. Under the appellation various wines produced in Castile and Leon, Navarre, the Basque Country and especially in the Rioja own areas are distinguished.

A different proposal, far from the typical sightseeing can combine your Spanish course with a route through La Rioja wine
, it is a fantastic option: visiting wineries , learn the secrets of wine and gastronomy delve into the hands of experts ...
One way to improve your Spanish and at the same time discover the most authentic traditions.

Go ahead, enjoy and learn, with a glass of wine in good company!