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Learn Spanish in Spain with Closeteachers

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28 May 2015

Learn Spanish in Spain with Closeteachers

We would like to inform you that through Closeteachers you can find various options for language programs in many cities in Spain. Apart from schools in bigger cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca and Bilbao, the website also offers great opportunities in smaller, less-known destinations such as San Sebastian and Santander.

Apart from the language courses offered in different parts of Spain, there are also many other ways to explore the Spanish culture. You can find internships that suit your skills the most, au pair positions, teachers position and a great deal of exciting courses that you can enjoy here in Spain, such as surfing, wine-tasting, or gastronomy courses. All of those activities will not only be of great benefit to your language learning, but it will also help you immerse more in the culture.

There are programs not only in Spain but in other European countries, such as Britain and France, where you can also take a language course or do an internship. The website offers plenty of flexible options so that you find the one that fits you best. This is a great way to participate in an international program and meet people from all over the world.