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Intensive summer courses in Spain with the best reviews

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27 July 2015

Intensive summer courses in Spain with the best reviews

We offer the best Spanish inmersion courses with prices adapted to all budgets, ages and seasons. We can offer you Spanish courses all around the country. We can also send you references of former students who took part in our programs. What are you waiting for? Sometimes you don´t know which city to choose. We can help you once we know your goals, hobbies and priorities.

We know that it is important to have references available when choosing a language course and to be able to compare offers in a simple and rigorous way.

The Closeteachers project began more than 15 years ago. It was created to offer Spanish classes at the teacher`s home, aimed at those students who are looking for total immersion in Spanish. This service is available all over Spain and guarantees complete immersion and fast and easy learning while living with a Spanish teacher.

It was our students who were staying with their teacher who first suggested the possibility of using our knowledge and experience in the sector to create a new option which would permit all students to choose Spanish courses in different areas of Spain.

At Closeteachers we offer a selection of Spanish schools which offer great Spanish courses at reasonable prices. The team of developers at Closeteachers contacts prestigious language schools, chooses the best and offers a careful selection of them with a discount on the official prices.

These are our advantages: offering a great selection of Spanish schools and courses at an unbeatable price, with a 10% discount on the official prices, and free accident insurance included.

At Closeteachers we also try to choose Spanish schools which offer cultural activities and special courses along with their language classes, such as flamenco, salsa, windsurfing, surfing, horse-riding, wine-tasting, etc.

The number of schools and destinations varies according to their quality and prices. We offer Spanish schools in the most important cities in Spain, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Bilbao, as well as other less well-known but interesting destinations such as San Sebastián and Santander.

Every program offered is specifically designed to help immerse you in the Spanish culture and help you to learn the language, customs and lifestyle of that area.

We guarantee our clients the lowest possible prices. By enrolling at our website Web www.closeteachers.com you will receive a discount on your course fees.