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volunteer work in art therapy in Spain

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13 January 2022

volunteer work in art therapy in Spain

There are many disempowered people in our society who live with limitations in self-expression and connecting with the world. In art they find a medium that allows them to be themselves and to say what they cannot put into words. The use of art empowers such people to go further beyond their limits than thought possible, while also raising their self-esteem and sense of inclusion. Being able to express their feelings, skills and to explore new frontiers allows these individuals to feel actualised through their artwork and creative sensitivity.

Our volunteers not only help these people from the point of view of guiding them and offering psychological support, but also offer their time to help them reach their goals and provide them with a greater experience of everyday life. Methods such as using their imagination, creativity, physical expression and dynamic movement are just some features of this tool for creating a greater balance in their lives.

Our school of Spanish has been collaborating in this field of service to the community since 2020, providing support to those most in-need to the end of swift rehabilitation and reintegration for those involved. These are sensitive issues that deserve our unconditional care and support. It is an oftentimes long process wherein art plays a key role to see the real process of in its users. Furthermore, it helps to regulate anxiety, generating distance between us and our own fears in order to gain perspective and be able to confront them, by using art to reprocess difficult events that we have experienced or fear experiencing in the future.

Creative expression is a valid method of detecting visual/spatial issues, performing mental rotation tasks, or improving one´s hand-eye coordination. This sort of artistic recreation is highly motivating and our students of Spanish, who are also volunteers, find in this form of serving the community the chance practice communicating in Spanish while helping others at the same time.

Creative acts as a form of self-expression help these people to liberate their emotions, feel free of their limitations, treat aspects of their emotional health not covered in traditional therapy, and turn art into a fun and motivating practice.

For our student-volunteers it serves as a way to feel alive, enthusiastic and connected with the local city, with the solidarity within their heart and with the fight for those most in need of compassion.

Wait no longer for the opportunity to improve your Spanish, do something for others, and connect with your most creative and artistic self.

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