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Learning Spanish for kids/children 2020

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09 July 2020

Learning Spanish for kids/children 2020


Coronavirus is a potential risk for everybody. For this reason, a lot of plans had to be changed. Unfortunately, many children who were going to start attending Spanish classes in school for the first time will not be able to do so now. Therefore, different schools offer online courses, that enable students to continue learning or start learning Spanish, as an alternative.

Online courses also have many unique advantages, even though it might take everyone some time to become accustomed to the new format. One is flexibility, as it is always possible to continue with self-study at a time that suits you best on the learning platforms without a teacher. Another advantage is the price.
Normally, studying abroad carries a series of expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, payments for the Spanish classes taken and many others. On the other hand, with online courses it`s possible to study wherever and whenever, and the market is very competitive given the vast supply of courses around the world.

However, this fact also poses a problem: How to correctly choose the Spanish course that suits you best?
As there are so many courses and schools, it`s recommendable to make sure that said center is accredited by some official body such as the Instituto Cervantes. By having these accreditations, you can be assured that the centers are in compliance with a series of guidelines and quality standards, by which the courses offered already come with this seal as a guarantee.
as the accreditations serve as a seal of quality that in that sense.
Therefore, learning Spanish online can become an activity that the whole family shares and could even prepare for a future trip to the Spanish-speaking country you prefer for practicing what you have learned online.

We are dedicated to guiding students to find their best Spanish course or school. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!