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Bilbao: An option for studying Spanish in the North of Spain

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16 September 2019

Bilbao: An option for studying Spanish in the North of Spain

The city of Bilbao is in Bizkaia, Basque Country. This mythical area of Spain had long ago been an industrial place and quite polluted by factories. However, after the crisis at the end of the twentieth century, the new millennium smiled more to the city bringing projects as important as the Guggenheim Museum where before there were shipyards.

Nowadays, the city after so many changes has consolidated as a firm city that takes the new challenges of the future with its best momentum. Having left behind the character of being an industrial zone, now the city is projected with a new idea: To offer high quality services.

Thus, it has promoted the museums that have emerged, the Basque companies that collaborate with national and international companies, health services, education, public cleaning and transport which are the best in Spain.

What else does this city have?

With an excellent size for tourism, the city of Bilbao is between mountains. But this green aisle ends where Bilbao’s estuary meets the Cantabrian sea. Thus, the nature that can be found in the area of Biscay is varied. You can find everything from beaches to mountains and sometimes both in the same place.

Another great advantage of the location is that you can be in France in less than 2 hours in the French Basque Country. This whole area also enjoys an authentic atmosphere that tourism has not displaced. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking a Spanish course to study in Spain, the recommendation to come to the Basque Country even if only for a while it is an idea that you should consider.

The temperatures are also totally pleasant because in summer it is not as hot as other areas and in winter the sea regulates the cold.

What are you waiting for?

Learn Spanish with an immersion that will change your way of speaking, of living the language, of enjoying with other students and the natives of the place. Be the right choice for your future.