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7 signs to discover if the Spanish you know has improved

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04 March 2019

7 signs to discover if the Spanish you know has improved

Sometimes we are perfectionists or we want to learn everything or we become discouraged when we do not understand something. Everything takes time. We need to be alert to the signs that tell us that your Spanish is improving:

1 - You are addicted to learning Spanish

You listen to podcasts in Spanish and books in Spanish, you get better in your favourite application and you learn everything that is on your mind in Spanish.

2 - You are a lover of films in Spanish

You spend time hooked on Spanish films or TV series. It does not matter if they are Spanish soaps or series. The important thing is the language. Also while you watch them you make some nachos or Spanish tortilla.

3 - You a person who dreams in Spanish

You dream in Spanish and you do not have nightmares. Your deepest desires are made a reality in your dreams with a Spanish accent.

4 - You are curious and you have an open mind

You have interest, passion and an open mentality. Other cultures interest you and you buy a plane ticket to go to another country and you get down to work to learn Spanish.

5 - You are a fan of food

You love all type of food but this time it is all to do with Spanish food; from avocado to the roast potatoes, to the seafood paella.

6 - You are an explorer

You have told all your friends and acquaintances that you are going to learn Spanish and you have filled your possessions with maps. You have all that you need to sign up to a Spanish school.

7 - You are a person who wants to live in another country

The quickest way to learn Spanish is to live in a country where they speak Spanish. What you want is a linguistic immersion and you have to live it 27/4 and you want to do it more than anyone.