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Spanish lessons at teacher´s home

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19 November 2018

Spanish lessons at teacher´s home

The Spanish course at your teacher´s home offers the best opportunity to get the most out of your stay in Spain.

We recommend this course for those who want to improve their Spanish as fast as possible. The course is more expensive than a regular course in class but this one is more goal-oriented, adapts best to your rhythm of learning and gives the possibility to discuss mistakes individually. In the end, the price/ performance ratio is fair when you consider invested time and money. Learning and living at home with a private teacher not only allows you to deepen your grammar knowledge but also to practice and immerse yourself into the Spanish language throughout the day.

The course is designed for people who have minimal time at their disposal but would like to improve their Spanish skills. One advantage of this program is that you will not meet someone who shares your native language and it´s the most effective way to perfect your Spanish in this course. From the beginning, right at breakfast, you have the opportunity to share your impressions with your teacher and his family.

During the chosen lessons reaching from 15 over 20 to 25 lessons per week, you take private lessons in your teacher´s home. After finishing the lessons, the rest of the day is yours to get to know the Spanish customs, to take part in cultural events and sports or share the hobbies and acquaintances of your teacher. The Spanish lessons can be combined with your hobbies and passion: GOLF, SURFING, WINDSURFING, SAILING, RIDING, TENNIS, CANOEING, COOKING, EXPLORING CULTURES, DANCING etc. which allow you to perfect your language skills while you are enjoying your hobby. The program is composed of ten lessons per week at your teacher´s home and three leisure activities. There are many options and programs – choose the one that fits best your expectations.

What are the advantages of private tuition at teacher´s home?

you can improve your language skills by immersing yourself in the Spanish language with the teacher at home
private lessons will help you to improve your fluency and to get to know the culture of the country
the teachers are qualified and certified to ensure that the requirements of the Cervantes institute are fulfilled
on two days a week you can go on excursions in the local region with your teacher
after class and for the duration of your Spanish course you will live with your teacher and his family
WiFi is available in the house of all teachers
you can combine your private tuition with your favourite hobby