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I need a student visa in Spain - what can I do?

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08 February 2021

I need a student visa in Spain - what can I do?

In our Spanish school it is quick, easy and efficient. The first thing to do is to be sure on the dates you want to go to Spain. A student visa is generally made in your country of origin.

The whole process takes a lot of time and it is necessary to be well-informed on the requirements on the on the Spanish consular ministry website You must first know ho to register at the Spanish school for at least 20 hours per week and then make a payment and ask for a date with the Consulate or your nearest Spanish embassy Do not forget to have health insurance that is valid for as long as you are here.

We have special prices for health insurance and also for your Spanish course here. I am sure that you have many more questions. We would be delighted to answer any you might have with our personal administrator by email or by Skype. We are here to help you and in the case of a dissatisfactory result we will reimburse you in full except the first €200. You can find this information in our policy contracts on our website.

If you are a serious candidate, the higher the intial payment, the more you will feel your requirements have been met and the more you will enjoy your stay in Spain. Furthermore with regards to accommodation it is important to know the address of where you are going to be staying in Spain. Our school has a great variety of accommodation options and if you book it with us we will also manage this step for you. If you come for more than 6 months you will need a background check to verify that you haven´t committed any crimes in your country. After registering onto a Spanish course we will immediately send all the documents that justify your registration and payment in the program to your email via digital signature. That is what you have to bring with you on the day of your appointment with the Spanish Consulate or Embassy of your country.

When you arrive in Spain, the process continues because you have to go to a Police commissioner in order to get your student card, ask for an appointment and make a final payment (approx. 20 euros). Complicated? Not with us. Finally the most important thing when you buy a service is the reliability and experience and our school has already been in the sector for 20 years. Discover also all the opportunities and rights that the student card gives you in terms of working and traveling once you are in Europe. If you finally decide to renew your student card the procedure is easier and for that you must show a certificate that proves the level of Spanish you have obtained.