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Nuevo Prisma is a wise choice for Spanish courses

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06 June 2018

Nuevo Prisma is a wise choice for Spanish courses

The publishing house, Edinumen, has taken great care to create the Nuevo Prisma books, which are replacing and giving a new life to the old Prisma version.

Thousands of Spanish teachers use these books for a number of reasons:


Activities that motivate the student and make them less anxious. A positive learning environment is created, based on recognising and managing emotions.

Group work

Special activities so that students can work together on tasks, optimising their own learning and that of others in the group.

Intercultural reflection

Acquire knowledge of different aspects of the Hispanic world’s culture, with the aim of providing students with the necessary tools to get by in situations where there may be different cultures and varieties of Spanish.


At the end of each unit, there is a summary for self-evaluation which helps the student to check what new content they have taken in and to reflect on their learning.

There are also many other reasons for which Nuevo Prisma is a top-quality book. It really helps students to be able to acquire the level they want, as the books are adapted according to all the levels specified by the CEFRL which are: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Therefore, when it is time to learn Spanish, Nuevo Prisma is your best support.