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Why study in the North of Spain?

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01 March 2018

Why study in the North of Spain?

So why choose studying in the North of Spain as opposed to the South or some of the more famous destinations such as Madrid or Barcelona? Here are 3 main reasons to help you out if you don’t already know what riches the North has to offer!

1.Best of both worlds
You will surely stumble across some of the most charming, quirky and traditional old towns if you go to the North of Spain, with their narrowed, cobbled streets, packed with bars and full of life! The old towns, or ‘cascos viejos’ as they are called, are historically and culturally rich and are great to explore on foot. The old town of Bilbao is particularly worth a visit, or you can go further afield to the picturesque Santiago de Compostela. Even better – around the corner often lies another surprise waiting your way! By just going down a few streets, you will suddenly be surrounded by contemporary, sky-high, gleaming buildings and discover the modern cities that scatter Northern Spain. Take a look at Bilbao and you will be stunned by the innovative, glistening architecture, such as the famous Guggenheim. Then just remember that by studying here, all of this will be on your doorstep!

2. Food!
Fantastic food is always a reason to study somewhere, right? In Northern Spain you can enjoy a range of typical Spanish delicacies from the region, the most famous of which are ‘pintxos’, which are similar to tapas and typical of the Basque cuisine. Head out in the evening to any one of the many bars and you can find a tasty selection of pintxos laid out on the counter, which are even better when accompanied with a glass of txakoli (sparkling white wine), zurito (beer) or red wine. You’ll soon find that going out before dinner to have some pintxos forms a huge part of the local culture and can be best enjoyed in popular destinations such as Bilbao. And of course, being by the coast you will have an incredible range of fresh seafood to choose from. To finish off, treat yourself to one of the delicious Basque desserts, such as Pastel Vasco (Basque cake), which has a crumbly shortbread crust and an almond-flavoured creamy centre – what more temptation could you want?

3. Landscapes
Northern Spain is often underrated and shadowed by other popular destinations in Spain, but one thing for sure is that you cannot deny its outstanding beauty and diversity. A quick trip to the stunning coast, or a hike in the mountains is all within easy reach. This makes Northern Spain the perfect place to study for anyone who is an avid walker, surfer or simply a fan of any kind of outdoor activity that you can think of!

So now you ask, ‘why study in the North of Spain?’ Now you have 3 reasons that we hope have given you an insight into what gems there are to discover in this wonderful region. So why wait any longer? Start your adventure now and you will have the time of your life!