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17 April 2020

Spanish course with a focus on Spanish culture

We have designed and taught Spanish courses for international students for nearly 20 years. We have helped people pass exams, contributed to memorable holidays and facilitated the incorporation of people into Spain and its culture. We believe that becoming part of the local culture is of primordial importance when working or studying abroad. As a result, we have developed a course with the specific objective of giving a foundational understanding of the Spanish culture, its origins, customs and peculiarities.

Our aim is to provide our customers the tools to overcome culture shock and the normal barriers between people from outside of Spain and its inhabitants. Thanks to our experience with students from around the world, we are experts in dealing with the challenges related with different cultures, as well as teaching the Spanish language!

A cultural foundation:

Our culture-focused courses offer a summary of Spanish history, explaining the origins of the distinctive culture which exists today. Furthermore, we delineate for students the distinguishing features of each of Spain’s regions, as well as what differentiates Spain from Spanish speaking Latin American countries.

We look to offer an insight into daily life in Spain and how aspects such as perception of time, eating hours and social life differ from those of other countries. We bring classes to life through including interactive teaching materials. We always make an effort to include all of our students in class discussions and activities.

If you would interested in finding out more or you would like to sign-up to a course, send us an email: infoweb@closeteachers.com

See you soon!