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Reasons to study Spanish in Spain

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07 February 2021

Reasons to study Spanish in Spain

There are so many facts why one should do a language course in a country as fascinating as Spain. It is just so different to many other countries and for some it can be a real culture shock to see all the traditions and customs here. Nevertheless it is a good experience and a great thing to spend some time abroad in a different country.

You will meet a lot of people from all parts of the world because in our language school everybody comes together! It doesn’t matter to us on which level you are on – it only matters that you are ambitious and willing to take steps in order to become better in Spanish!
So now we will show you why you should not miss out of the opportunity to do a language course with one of our language schools in wonderful Spain.

First of all, Spanish people love food. A very special dish is the Spanish “Tortilla”. It refers to a delicious egg and potato dish. Furthermore one of the most popular dishes is “Paella”. It is a rice dish mixed up with sea food. It is delicious and it is best if you eat it somewhere close to the sea. Interesting to know is that Spain is one of the biggest producers of saffron which is an important ingredient for “Paella”. Bread is required with every meal in Spain and it is traditionally called “barras” or “pistolas”. In Spain the bread looks like long baguettes and is baked freshly every day. Spanish food is not spicy and just very seldom hot. You call this the Mediterranean diet.

Then there are a lot of great events taking place in Spain. You will find “una fiesta” in one place of the country at almost every time of the year. The craziest one is definitely the “Tomatina de Buñol” which is celebrated every year. It takes place in Buñol which is a city in the southeast of the country. It is a big tomato fight and all the streets turn tomato red when people start to throw tomatoes everywhere. In Bilbao you will find the “Aste Nagusia” take place in the middle of August. It is a great celebration for over a week and there will be lots of people, artists, musicians and markets in the streets. Everyday there is a different program and people enjoy themselves.

If you walk through the “calles” of a Spanish city you will sometimes notice dirty floors in the bars. Spanish people throw their tissues on the floor before leaving. This is supposed to be sign for good food and a busy place and should not quench you.

In Spain you have a lot of holidays and the Spanish truly respect their free time and siestas. Quality of life is very important to them and you can notice by their lifestyle that the enjoy life.

Why don’t you join us here in Spain and enjoy life as we do?

We have great discounts and cheap offers for new Spanish courses. Choose one of our languages school and enjoy your time. Our professional and individual offers will convince you – we are sure!

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