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30 March 2021

Spanish course with work experience in Spain

Nowadays, traveling is more accessible than ever before and for this reason lots of people who study Spanish decide to live in Spain for a period of time.

It is one of the best and most efficient ways of learning a language thanks to continual contact with natives and the necesity to use the language to relate to the surroundings. It is also a life experience which allows you to discover the culture and be apart of it every day.

There are multiple options to discover Spain, but without a doubt a good alternative is to do a Spanish course combined with a professional internship.

It is the programme which most students choose, considering that it opens lots of employment options, since as well as improving their Spanish they will do this in a working context and at the same time approach the labour market from a different perspective. They will discover different methods of working which are distinct from their country of origin. In an increasingly international job market, this is a great advantage.

Many Spanish companies in the most distinct sectors (tourist, educational, economic…) look for people with knowledge of various foreign languages. And so the schools we work with in closeteachers offer these types of programmes.

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