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Learn Spanish in your teacher's house

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02 November 2020

Learn Spanish in your teacher's house

At Closeteachers, we have always believed that the best way of learning Spanish is in a context of total immersion, i.e. by spending time here in Spain.

Daily contact with the language, the opportunity to enjoy infinite cultural activities, the traditions of the area and direct contact with natives are all factors which quickly translate into rapid linguistic progress (as well as making up a great personal experience).

Now we’re going one step further by creating a special programme with which you can learn Spanish by living with your teacher. The programme consists of a homestay with your teacher or a family, during which you will be able to learn Spanish without having to go to a language school and to enjoy a complete experience of cohabiting with native speakers in your new environment.

Closeteachers offers this programme for the majority of cities in SpainWe select host families in which at least one of the family members is qualified to teach Spanish. This teacher is in charge of coordinating the programme, planning Spanish classes and finding learning materials.

If, as well as learning Spanish, you want to participate in additional activities, we also have host families in rural cottages, giving you the opportunity to enjoy incredible hiking routes. There are even some some who work in horse-riding schools, so you can practise horse-riding. Whatever your choice, as well as learning Spanish, you will be able to enjoy your favourite pastimes.

If you are thinking about studying a Spanish course with a bit of a difference, this is your opportunity. Contact Closeteachers, and we’ll organise it for you.

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